Weather Report for 2009 by Month

January to August

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September 2009 was a very dry month with no rain recorded from the 8th until the end of the month. Rain was only recorded on the 4th, 6th and 7th and totalled a mere 0.8 millimeters for the month. The wettest day was the 6th when 0.4 millimeters of rain was recorded. The maximum rainfall per minute was recorded at 14:05 on the 7th when the rate was 0.2 millimeters.

Temperatures were about normal with a high of 23.2C being recorded at 15:42 on the 8th. The lowest temperature recorded was 6.7C at 05:32 on the 25th. The average temperature for the month was 13.6C, with an average dewpoint of 10.0C.

On the whole, winds were light with the maximum wind speed being 19.5 mph from a westerly direction at 15:00 on the 4th. Also on the 4th, the maximum gust speed of 29.9 mph was recorded, also from the west, at 13:31. The average wind speed for the month was only 4.0 mph, with the average gust speed only 6.5 mph.

The barometric pressure rose to 1039.3 millibars at 23:15 on the 10th and the monthly average was 1024.4 millibars.


In general, October 2009 was quite warm with a maximum temperature of 19.0C being recorded on the 6th at 14:05. The average for the month was 11.0C. The coldest temperature recorded was 3.7C at 05:03 on the 8th. The dewpoint average was 8.6C.

Rain was recorded on 15 days with the monthly total being 37.2 millimeters. The wettest day was the 6th when 14.2 millimeters fell, including a monthly maximum rain rate per minute of 0.6 millimeters at 20:09.

Like September, winds were light with an average wind speed of just 4.2 mph and an average gust speed of 6.4 mph. The maximum wind speed recorded was 23.0 mph from a west south westerly direction at 13:00 on the 3rd. The maximum gust speed was also on the 3rd when the wind reached 33.3 mph at 14:12.

The barometer reached a high of 1034.9 millibars at 11:41 on the 6th, with the lowest being 994.2 millibars at 16:58 on the 21st. The average barometric pressure for the month was 1014.5 millibars.

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November 2009 was a very mild month with an average temperature of 7.8C and no air frosts. The maximum temperature was 15.7C at 12:18 on the first day of the month, with the lowest temperature being 0.2C being recorded at six minutes to midnight on the final day. The dewpoint average for the month was 6.2C.

Rain was recorded on all but four days in the month, with the wettest day being the first day when 17.6 millimeters fell. The monthly rainfall total was 118.8 millimeters, making it a very wet month. A maximum rain per minute of 0.8 millimeters was recorded at 12:55 on the 23rd.

November was also a very windy month, averaging 6.7mph for the month. The average gust speed was 10.2mph, with the highest gust speed being 42.5mph from the south west at 07:09 on the 19th. The maximum wind speed for the month was 25.3mph from the west south west, recorded at 00:41 on the 23rd. The prominient direction for the wind was south westerly (217 degrees).

The barometer high for November was 1020.4 millibars recorded at 08:30 on the 9th, with the barometer low being 980.9 millibars at 15:29 on the 3rd. The average barometer reading for the month was 998.0 millibars.

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December 2009 was a very cold month with an average temperature of only 3.0C. The dewpoint average was only 1.8C. An air frost was recorded on 13 days.

The highest temperature was recorded on the 6th when the mercury settled at 11.6C at 04:14. The minimum temperature was -6.4C, recorded at 06:18 on the 20th.

Rain was recorded on 25 days, just one day less than November, but the rainfall total was only 60.8 millimeters, 57.6 millimeters less than the previous month.

A light dusting of snow fell on the 18th, followed by a centimeter or so on both the 19th and 20th. This snow lay on the ground until the 26th and Nottingham officially had a white Christmas when snow was recorded shortly after midniight on Christmas Day at Watnall. A brief flurry of snow was also noted on New Years Eve.

Winds were generally light throughout the month, averaging only 4.0 mph, with an average gust speed of 6.5 mph. The average direction was south-westerly. The maximum wind speed was 19.5 mph from the west on the 27th at 15:55. The maximum gust speed was 27.6 mph from the south-south east on the 7th at 11:46.

The maximum barometric pressure was 1035.0 millibars on the 11th at 20:40. The minimum was 982.6 millibars recorded on the 22nd at 07:16. The average barometric pressure for the month was 1005.1 millibars.

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