Weather Station Status and Site Updates

Station Status

This page shows the current status of the weather software used in the operation of this website.

This website uses WeatherCat (V3.05, Build 27 (64 bit)) for weather conditions reporting.
It was last started 25/06/2020 04:08.

Component Status Age
Latest update time as of
06/07/2020 20:49
WeatherCat realtime Current 0:00:06 06/07/2020 20:49
WeatherCat FTP Current 0:01:15 06/07/2020 20:48
WeatherCat weather data Current 0:04:26 06/07/2020 20:45
Note: script(s) not current and need update(s):
quake-json.php V3.01 - 2020-05-26 Need update to V3.03 - 2020-06-30
Use this link for details.

Site updates

March 28th 2016 - Selston Weather set-up to replace Bracken House Weather. Saratoga template, written by Ken True of Saratoga Weather, installed as the site template. Work started on configuring the pages included in the template and adapting the CSS to suit the site. Snippits 2016 transferred from previous site.

March 29th 2016 - Added UK moored buoys page and space weather page.

March 30th 2016 - Added Weather Underground history page.

March 31st 2016 - Added a webcam page. Report 2016 transferred from previous site. Added meteogram for Selston to home page, courtesy of Added rain days over 0.0 mm to year over year page.

April 1st 2016 - Added a 'month by month records' and a 'this month / last month summary' page.

April 2nd 2016 - Made some cosmetic changes to the style. Transferred all Weather Underground graphs pages from previous site.

April 3rd 2016 - Remainder of weather snippits pages transferred from previous site. Further cosmetic improvements to site design.

April 4th 2016 - Added this year / last year page. Added mobile section to navigational sidebar for pages that don't format correctly on mobiles and tablets.

April 6th 2016 - Alterations and additions to home page. Alterations made to site footer.

April 7th 2016 - Added SteelSeries Gauges page.

April 8th 2016 - Fixed display errors on SteelSeries Gauges page. Added MeteoEarth Live Weather page. Added World Weather Extremes page. Added Weather Underground Station Graphs page, using data uploaded to Weather Underground.

April 9th 2016 - Added current and forecast wind maps. Added current sky over Selston page.

April 10th 2016 - Added UK lightning page. Added Polar Sea Ice Extent page.

April 11th 2016 - Replaced sun and moon page with a more detailed sun, moon and seasons page. Added SunCalc page. Added Aurora Forecast page. Added Tropical Weather page.

April 12th 2016 - Added yr-no forecast pages for local, UK and World. Adeed flight radar page. Added cloud radars page. Added marine traffic radar page. Added precipitation and thunderstorms page. Added a global station map of affiliated weather networks page.

April 13th 2016 - Links to weather networks added to side navigation bar.

April 18th 2016 - Added link to old site (pre 10/07/15). Added UK Weather Network page. Added logos and links to Blog, Facebook and Twitter in sidebar. Added a glossary of weather terms page.

April 19th 2016 - Addds dials image to home page.

April 23rd 2016 - Added more information on recent trends page. Added a temperature high / low / average page and a more high / low / average page. Cosmetic improvements to all-time station records page. Added 2015 report and 2014 report by month pages.

April 24th 2016 - Added 2013 report, 2012 report, 2011 report, 2010 report and 2009 report by month pages. Added wind details page. Added Weather Underground Day / Month / Season Reports page.

May 17th 2016 - Added temperature daily / monthly / seasonal summaries.

May 19th 2016 - Added daily / monthly / seasonal summary pages for degree days, dew point, rain, wind, wind run, wind direction and pressure. Added daily records page.

May 21st 2016 - Corrected errors in Degree Days and Wind Direction script. Added snow pages to daily / monthly / seasonal summary pages.

May 22nd 2016 - Fixed time and date format on daily / seasonal / summary pages.

June 15th 2016 - Added meta tags and updated meta description. Moved link to 'Pre 10/07/15' site in sidebar to development section.

June 20th 2016 - Added a weather warnings script at the foot of the home page. This will display any warnings that are currently in force for the East Midlands.

July 12th 2016 - Removed link to Weather Underground local stations from sidebar to links page due to Weather Underground blocking the iframe.

August 1st 2016 - Fixed Weather Underground History page.

August 5th 2016 - Changes to World earthquake page for newly required Google Map Browser JavaScript API key to display the map. Changes to local METAR page to use for METAR .TXT instead of site which has discontinued operation. This also fixed the error of home page not displaying current conditions from METAR. Minor changes to a couple of support files in the template.

September 22nd 2016 - Centered graphs on weather trend graphs page.

September 27th 2016 - Added a series of WeatherCat produced graphs to complement the Weather Underground graphs. Look under WCat Graphs in the sidebar.

December 21st 2016 - Cosmetic improvement to local rainfall radar page.

February 10th 2017 - Change made to temperature high / low / average page to remove humidex all-time element which was not compatible.

February 21st 2017 - Removed broken link in sidebar.

March 8th 2017 - Added page for second webcam and made alterations to first webcam page.

March 28th 2017 - Amended second webcam page to include timelapse videos.

March 31st 2017 - Alterations to second webcam page to echo changes to the host Railcam's servers.

June 10th 2017 - Changes to earthquake page to reflect changes to source data.

June 20th 2017 - Removed non-functioning lightning chart page. Changes to aurora forecast page due to broken links. Changes to space weather page to fix broken links.

August 4th 2017 - Replaced static webcam picture on Webcam 2 page with a larger, better quality image.

November 15th 2017 - Added links in sidebar to the weather station's Automatic Weather Map System page and Citizen Weather Observer Program page.

November 26th 2017 - Added a link in the sidebar to Selston's page on Your Weather.

February 17th 2018 - Changes to UK Earthquakes page to reflects changes in source data.

March 9th 2018 - Combined webcams pages into one page (webcams). Removed development links from sidebar.

April 1st 2018 - Corrected an error on webcams page which was showing outdated image.

April 8th 2018 - Cosmetic improvements to WeatherCat graphs on all graphs pages.

April 9th 2018 - Split webcams page to create a timelapse page using new videos produced by the WeatherCat software.

April 18th 2018 - Template updates.

April 25th 2018 - Link to timelapses page added to webcams page.

May 12th 2018 - Further detail added to this month and last month summary page.

July 4th 2018 - Updated moored buoys page to reflect changes to source site.

July 8th 2018 - Amended nearby METAR page to remove outdated reports.

December 2nd 2018 - Added Dark Sky forecast page to replace Weather Underground forecast page which is due to be discontinued at the end of 2018.

December 29th 2018 - Fixed errors on space weather page caused by changes in URL of source data. Changes to sun / moon / seasons page due to errors in the times of sun and moon.

December 30th 2018 - Cosmetic alterations to space weather page. Amended side bar to account for changed sun / moon / seasons page.

February 1st 2019 - Alterations to local radars page due to changes in source data.

February 10th 2019 - Alterations to UK Weather Net page due to changes in source data.

March 7th 2019 - Removed Weather Underground forecast page and Weather Underground forecasts on home page due to the service being terminated by the supplier.

March 8th 2019 - Cosmetic alterations to home page. Added additional locations to Dark Sky forecast page.

March 11th 2019 - Restored sun / moon / seasons page to previous enhanced version.

June 2nd 2019 - Changes to the Weather Underground History page due to changes from the provider. Several background files updated. Weather Undergound no longer produce monthly graphs, so that facility has been removed.

July 20th 2019 - Further changes to Weather Underground History page and background files. Weather Underground graph features restored.

September 16th 2019 - Cosmetic changes to home page to improve appearance on iPad.

September 28th 2019 - Further cosmetic changes to home page.

September 29th 2019 - Original Weather Underground page turned offline due to problems with host site. Replacement page switched online.

January 1st 2020 - Weather Underground graphs discontinued due to reliability issues. Original Weather Underground page restored.

April 28th 2020 - Changes to astronomy page and to background files. Weather Underground History page amended to remove unused features.

May 23rd 2020 - Background files updated.

May 27th 2020 - Cosmetic improvements to World Earthquakes page.

June 20th 2020 - World Extremes page updated to include all countries and regions. Please note not all country selections work, due to lack of reporting stations.